Day Hundred-or-Something; Sheesh I gotta keep up with these . . .

Hello, everyone!

I usually find myself puzzled at what to write, on blogs. Somehow I picked up the trait of never distributing my opinions. Well, today I thought of something I felt strongly enough about to share.

Biased writers.

I think I’ve made mention earlier that a regular hobby of mine is to get with a close friend or two and role play. One of my best friends — whom I’ve pretty much watched grow up — has gotten into college. It makes me feel like my beard ought to be a great deal grayer. I’m not so quick to say I had a hand in his upbringing, but I do look on with pride at his capabilities.

College does interesting things to people. It makes them realize that there really is a world out there. And quite frankly, that world sucks. The pride of an ephebe is not easily swayed from pursuing a path it declares. He has taken a particularly great shine to democracy and the liberty to choose who governs us. It shows. In all of our games together, he now strives to bring down the organizations of yore; royalty brought to their knees, powerful religious organizations stripped of their power, and the free man made to realize that he has all the power he should ever need — right at his fingertips.

However. . . he has demonstrated an issue commonly arising amongst writers of every kind. Author bias.

We’re taught in basic English courses that there is no better way to convince somebody of your written opinion other than to provide genuine and powerful evidence to back it up. This is crucial in debates, too. I never liked competitive debates or answering essay questions in black-and-white viewpoints. Maybe it’s because I’m Jewish, but I have at least three opinions from different directions about everything. Or no, I guess that comes from being a philosopher? *Groan.* Well, before I start to bore you with off-topic badinage, let’s get a few things straight.

A writer is the all-powerful force of the worlds we create. Ultimately, it is we who decide what happens in a story born of our ink and toil. Ask me, however, what I think an artist is, and I will tell you: to show us the world through the eyes of someone else. I often feel like a writer is gifted best with the ability to truly share the thoughts, feelings, and senses of anything. Why then, would we want to command the characters we design, instead of only being their voice?

We are observers in our own creation. The characters aren’t just things we’ve imagined. When we write for them, we give them breath and their world comes alive for them. Isn’t it just, to give them a world as vibrant as our own? Case in point, democracy has done great things, but it is only as strong as the weakest human moral. A religious organization with too much power can be a terrible and frightening thing, but for every fanatic, there is someone amongst them who wants only to do good in the world. Kings have come and gone, and many of them have been cruel, greedy, or barely considerable as human beings. Yet in the presence of a good King, his followers have a living being to put their faith and trust in — a man who will be their strength in times of war and their prosperity in times of peace: not a faceless coalition of aged men and women who have learned how to tell us what we want to hear, so they can tell us what we want to do.

Every coin has two sides, even if they’re made to look the same. For a book — no, for a world that comes alive every time a reader sets their hands upon our works, the same should ring true. Don’t you think so?

Rant-fully yours,
A – HereticFox


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