Day Five


I’m a little bit behind on my posts, so I apologize for that.  Most of it was spent writing for my upcoming novels.  Unfortunately, that means there isn’t a great deal to chat about.

This last weekend, however, I rediscovered my immense fondness of British cinema and writers from the UK.  My father and I managed to catch a film featuring the fantastic Colm Meany, by the title of “3 and Out.”  The film, which also goes by the alias “A Deal is a Deal” is about a suicidal vagrant and a twisted joke.  Desperate writer Paul Callow (MacKenzie Crook), is trying to find an escape from driving subway trains for a living in the UK Underground.  Coworkers Ash and Vic tell him about a rule known as “3 and out.”  So Callow eventually finds Meany, offering him fifteen hundred quid to jump in front of his train.

Things get twisted around and the deal turns out to be nothing Callow could have prepared himself for.  It’s a definitely recommended movie, released only four years ago.  IMDB has it rated at 6.1/10; which I would argue is a terrible depreciation of a wonderful story.

Thanks for reading!  I assure you all I’ll have something deeper to discuss in a couple days.


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